Working on our railway

Whilst Brookfield Rail manages the freight rail network, including associated infrastructure and the wider rail corridor, there are a number of companies who require access to work on or about the railway.

Due to the nature of the business, the working environment around the rail network is unique. It is critical for the safe operation of the network that any individual, whether a Brookfield Rail employee, contractor, sub-contractor, employee of a contractor or sub-contractor, or self-employed, who will be within three metres of the railway line holds a valid Brookfield Rail Track Access Permit (TAP).

The Brookfield Rail TAP is effectively your passport to access the rail corridor, which encompasses the railway and surrounding area up to three metres from the edge of the track. It provides evidence you have completed the appropriate level of training required for the activities you are undertaking in your role, as well as passing the appropriate level of the National Medical Assessment.

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To work on Brookfield Rail's network you must hold a valid Track Access Permit (TAP).