Network Safeworking Rules and Procedures

Network Safeworking Rules and Procedures 

The Rules are reviewed every six months and the next update is issued in October 2017.

Over the past few months, Brookfield Rail has been in consultation with key stakeholders throughout the business and has collated feedback, recorded key issues and listened to proposals for changes to the Network Safeworking Rules and Procedures. These requests have been considered through a robust process outlined in our Rulebook Change Procedure.

There are no major changes, however the changes reflect our commitment to continually improve safety critical systems.

How does this impact you?

There are a number of rules that have been updated. Once the updated rules come into effect, previous versions of this rule become obsolete. You are required to download the Network Rules FAQ to understand the updates sufficiently and be able to follow them once they come into effect.

For further information you can contact the rule book team by emailing 

Where can I access the updated Network Safeworking Rules and Procedures?

The new Rules can be downloaded by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can either purchase the specific rules that have been updated or the entire book by contacting:

Snap Belmont
2/101 Belmont Ave,
P. (08) 9479 1500

Safeworking Forms are also available for hard copy purchase. Arrange this by contacting:

Expo Group
5 Mill Street, Perth, WA 6000
P: 0401 696 723