Level Crossing Interface Agreements

What is a Level Crossing Interface Agreement?

An interface agreement is a written agreement between the road manager and rail infrastructure manager, which details the management of safety risks at locations where road and railway tracks cross. The agreement can cover one or more level crossings.

The Interface Agreement may contain information on:

  • Implementing and maintaining measures for managing risks 
  • The roles and responsibilities of each party to the agreement
  • How each party will monitor compliance with their obligations under the agreement
  • A process for keeping the agreement under review and how any review will be conducted and implemented.

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Why is an Interface Agreement required?

Interface Agreements are a new legislative requirement under the Rail Safety Act 2010 which comes into effect Saturday 1st February 2014.

The Act places obligations on road managers and rail infrastructure managers to ensure safety risks at each level crossing are identified, assessed and managed. The Interface Agreement is a formal agreement between both parties on the management of these safety risks.

Parties who unreasonably delay negotiation or refuse to enter an agreement could face penalties from the Rail Safety Regulator.

For more information on the Rail Safety Act 2010, click here.

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Who is required to enter an interface agreement?

Safety interface agreements involve a range of parties, including:

Rail Infrastructure Managers

This includes Brookfield Rail who manage and operate the West Australian freight rail network.

Road Managers

Road Managers include private and public road managers.

Private road managers are land owners who use a level crossing to access their property, or different parts of their property located on either side of the track.

Public roads that intersect with the track are generally managed by either Main Roads Western Australia who manage public freeways, major highways and arterial roads, or the Shire/City responsible for roads and footpaths within their Local Government area.

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Important dates

By February 2014, relevant parties should have either entered an Interface Agreement, or be in the process of pursuing negotiations or risk assessments with the intention of entering an Interface Agreement in the near future.

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For more information

Contact Brookfield Rail at interface.agreements@brookfieldrail.com for queries relating to Interface Agreement requirements. 

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We are working with road managers to develop Interface Agreements which ensure safety risks are managed. Email Brookfield Rail with queries regarding your Interface Agreement.