Becoming a Supplier

Brookfield Rail is committed to doing business in an open, honest and transparent manner in order to provide a railway that supports economic growth in Western Australia.

A significant component of this is our commitment to employing locally, contributing locally, and – importantly – buying locally.

We ask each potential supplier to Brookfield Rail to complete a Supplier Expression of Interest Form, which asks for information about the structure of a supplier’s business, its customer references, and its willingness to comply with Brookfield Rail’s terms and conditions.

Following review of this form, Brookfield Rail may then contact the supplier to negotiate a contract to govern the type of services or supply of goods that the supplier provides.

Supplier Expressions of Interest – not currently open

In August 2016, Brookfield Rail changed the way we manage the delivery of daily maintenance activities on our network, bringing this function in-house.

This development has resulted in a significant change in the way we undertake our procurement activities, and a large number of new suppliers have commenced working with our business.

As a result, Brookfield Rail is not currently accepting new Supplier Expression of Interest Forms during this period of embedding new suppliers and processes.

We intend to recommence accepting Supplier Expressions of Interest in early 2017.  Please check back on this page for further information at that time.