Work with Us

Brookfield Rail is committed to doing business in an open, honest and transparent manner in order to provide a railway that supports economic growth in Western Australia.

As the manager and operator of a critical piece of State infrastructure, with national significance, Brookfield Rail is committed to work in partnership with all stakeholders who interact with the rail corridor.

These stakeholders include State and local governments, above-rail operators, private companies, regulatory bodies, contractors and consultants, emergency service providers and authorised members of the community.

In the majority of situations, interaction with the rail corridor is related to accessing the rail network, undertaking works in the rail corridor, moving livestock or machinery across the railway or utilising rail land, but often with unique requirements or constraints.

Using our extensive industry experience and expertise, we aim to understand the specific requirements and work in partnership with all parties involved in order to reach an outcome that is suitable and does not compromise the safety or integrity of the rail network.