Major Partnerships

Brookfield Rail actively collaborates with local community organisations to make a measurable difference to the communities in which we live and work.

We believe that working in partnership with communities over a sustained period of time is the most effective way to achieve real results and a lasting positive impact. We seek to establish an open and honest dialogue with community leaders and not-for-profit organisations to understand where our contribution is best made. The overall aim is to tailor a partnership for optimal long-term impact.

Real community benefits are derived from our partnerships through ongoing collaboration and we avoid one off investment in favour of partnerships with potential for a longer-term outcome.

Brookfield Rail invests in social projects that enhance community relationships and deliver positive outcomes in the following key focus areas:

Rail Safety
We are working with local authorities, schools and youth groups to save lives by educating children about the hazards surrounding the railway and trains. As a major partner of the TrackSAFE Foundation we are working to prevent behaviours around the railway that would lead to harm.

Emergency Services
As members of our regional communities, we understand and appreciate the vital role our emergency services play in creating liveable and sustainable communities. We support emergency service organisations, such as St John Ambulance and Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service so that our communities are equipped to improve the quality of emergency care received by their people.

Community Health and Wellbeing
By partnering with organisations and mentors we aim to improve the mental and physical health of community members. Inspired Living’s Goals to Life program is making positive changes to attitudes and behaviours of children in the Mullewa community through training and the development of life skills.

Liveable and Sustainable Communities
We engage in partnerships which help strengthen local communities, build skills and create a pipeline of talented employees to support our business. Our support for West Australian Music’s Sounds of the Wheatbelt has fostered a sense of pride and place in our talented regional musicians while our partnership with Curtin University’s Careers in Engineering is helping develop the leaders of tomorrow.


Our aim is to tailor a partnership for real, long-term and meaningful community outcomes.