Brookfield Rail invests for the future – providing a safe, efficient and reliable freight rail network which supports economic growth in the southern half of Western Australia. Central to this is our long-term commitment to Western Australian communities.

We place our social, economic and environmental responsibilities firmly at the heart of our business because we understand that as the manager of one of Western Australia’s most vital pieces of transport infrastructure – the freight rail network – we play an important role in the State.

The impact of our operations extends far beyond our immediate activities; from the mining and resource projects we facilitate to the goods and services we buy within our supply chain.

People live and work in the immediate areas surrounding our rail lines and we want to make a positive difference to their lives. Buying from local business, engaging with industry, working in partnership with our customers, supporting our communities and protecting our environments are all integral to Brookfield Rail’s operations. We build enduring community relationships that demonstrate mutual respect, active partnership and operational excellence.

We are part of regional Western Australian communities and want our involvement to be long-lasting, meaningful and positive. We achieve this aim by collaborating with community organisations to deliver practical programs that address the unique needs and contribute to the creation of liveable and sustainable communities.

At Brookfield Rail, we are part of regional WA communities and want to make a positive long-lasting difference.