Network Specifications

Brookfield Rail is committed to providing open and reliable information about its rail network.

The following provides detailed information about Brookfield Rail's network and operations, and is suitable for use by people seeking access, above rail operators or people undertaking works in the rail corridor.

The information provided here is general information only and we strongly encourage people seeking access or undertaking works on our rail network to contact Brookfield Rail directly for the most up-to-date and relevant information by emailing Brookfield Rail's Commercial Manager


Brookfield Rail Network Map

A detailed map of Brookfield Rail's network, including interfaces with other rail networks.

Net Tonnes  

Net Tonnes

Details on the net tonnes transported on each line segment of the rail network from 2010 to 2012.

Rail Gauge  

Gross Tonnes

Details on the gross tonnes transported on each line segment of the rail network from 2010 to 2012.

Axle Loads  

Axle Load

A map indicating the maximum axle loads across Brookfield Rail's network.

Sleeper Type  

Sleeper Type 

A map indicating the sleeper types and combinations across Brookfield Rail's network.

Rail Sizes  

Rail Sizes

A map indicating the different rail weights across Brookfield Rail’s network.

Ballast Type  

Ballast Type

A map indicating the different types of ballast across Brookfield Rail’s network.

Rail Joint  

Rail Joints

A map indicating areas where rail is jointed or continuously welded across Brookfield Rail’s network.

Communications Systems Map  

Communications Systems

An outline of the communications systems across Brookfield Rail's network.


Train Control Areas

A map outlining the areas controlled by each of Brookfield Rail’s Train Control Desks.

Rolling Stock Dimension Limits  

Rolling Stock Interface Requirements

The requirements for rolling stock to be compatible with the Brookfield Rail network.

Track Inventory Data  

Track Inventory Data

Specific information for each line segment, including section run times, curves, gradient, speed restrictions, traffic density and detailed location data.